The world population is forever increasing and with this comes a need for housing, office spaces, community spaces and buildings in general.


The demand is there, building companies are trying to meet this demand, and find they are lacking the most essential resource, qualified and reliable tradespeople.


Building companies are failing to attract these tradespeople and if they do, are failing to keep them under contract, and this is where we come in.

We value our tradespeople and we want to retain them, there the backbone of our recruitment agency and our calling card to the industry.

We want to provide your building company with the best tradespeople out there !


Our main goal ;                           - Connecting tradespeople and companies in need of skilled craftmanship

                                                          - Providing a fully-equipped workforce on site

                                                          - Creating, and retaining, an excellent team of top tradespeople that are valued for their contribution



We offer (trades) ;                      - Attractive rates

                                                          - Mobility

                                                          - Business phone

                                                          - Clothing and protective gear

                                                          - All tools at your disposal

                                                          - Housing (if required)

                                                          - Safety certificates

                                                          - Exiting times abroad


 We offer (companies) ;          - A vast network of English speaking tradespeople

                                                         - Fully-equipped and mobile tradespeople

                                                         - Demonstrably qualified tradespeople

                                                         - Short time contracts for skilled tradespeople

                                                         - Free periodic quality control by our own supervisors

                                                         - Competitive rates